Criminal Defense

For more than 40 years, the lawyers at Hayes Law Office have provided dedicated legal advocacy to their fellow Muskogee residents charged with serious crimes. Our commitment to justice matches our commitment to members of our community facing life-changing consequences for criminal allegations.

Fighting For Justice On Behalf Of Our Fellow Oklahoma Residents

In our criminal defense practice, we know that the stakes are high in these life-changing matters. Immediate legal representation is needed from an attorney who has earned the trust of each individual client and the community at large. Trust is paramount as we handle all aspects of our clients’ federal and misdemeanor cases and expungements.

Do not speak to police officers or prosecutors before speaking to an attorney. You need someone to look out for you and focus on the best possible outcome of your case. Providing any information to law enforcement can compromise your case. Protect your rights with one phone call.

Simply stated, we strive to earn the trust granted to us by our clients over the past several decades. We attend to every detail in our fact-finding, building compelling defenses for Oklahoma residents charged with burglary, sex offenses, drug crimes, drunk driving and traffic violations.

From preliminary hearings to plea bargains to trials, we remain at the side of our clients, making ourselves available when they need us and updating them as their cases progress.

To schedule an initial consultation regarding DUI charges, fill out our intake form or call 918-681-0529.

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