Motor Vehicle Accidents

You may not have seen it coming. Driving to work or traveling for leisure is so common that we rarely consider the possibility of an accident. When a motor vehicle crash does occur, however, you need help from a skilled medical professional. From there, you need legal representation from a skilled and experienced motor vehicle accident attorney.

Following A Motor Vehicle Accident, You Get Help. We Get To Work.

At Hayes Law Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma, we know that negligence behind the wheel takes various forms. Drunk driving is a common cause. The advent of technology has created a new type of distracted driver with cellphone calls and texts.

While you focus on recovery, we will build a strong and compelling personal injury claim, gathering the information and evidence necessary. Many times, fact-finding requires a visit the scene of the accident and in-depth interviews with witnesses. All cases are prepared for trial, even though most are resolved short of the courtroom. However, being prepared is paramount when dealing with insurance companies.

Adjusters will call to get information to use against you, not to benefit you. They want to minimize the compensation you are entitled to. Refer them to us and we will make it clear that they are to speak to us from now on.

Take action following distracted driving that led to a car or truck wreck. Time is truly of the essence.

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