Child Custody

As with all divorce matters involving sons and daughters, their best interests come first. Parents ending their marriage are turning one household into two. Decisions are being made on behalf of children, including where to live.

In awarding sole or joint child custody in Oklahoma, courts consider the parent that is more likely to allow frequent and continuing contact with the noncustodial parent. Gender does not provide an advantage to either parent. Visitation by the noncustodial parent must be in the best interests of the children.

A Focus On The Best Interests Of The Children In Custody Proceedings

The aftermath of a marital dissolution turns the world of children upside down, as they face an uncertain future. At Hayes Law Office in Muskogee, our attorneys take the time necessary to develop tailored sole or joint custody agreements to provide children peace of mind and protect them from potential harm.

Child custody agreements may also encompass other parties. Grandparents who want to continue their relationship with their grandchildren need legal representation to assert their rights. Unmarried couples, specifically fathers who want visitation and mothers who want support, often pursue paternity testing to assert their rights.

In the years following a divorce, life changes for parents. A new marriage or new job may take a father or mother away. Depending on the distance and whether the court approves, these and other life-changing events may necessitate a modification of the custody agreement.

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