With a founding attorney possessing more than 40 years' experience representing his fellow Oklahoma residents, we at Hayes Law Office have become high-profile figures in our community. Our commitment to pursuing justice for our clients matches our dedication to the local area.

Hayes Law Office truly puts the "family" in a family law firm. In addition to D.D. Hayes' 41 years of experience, his wife, Marcy, and their son, Andy, combine years of experience in their respective legal practices.

Hardworking. Community-Oriented.

Over several decades, we have fought for the best outcomes on behalf of clients facing divorce, criminal charges or serious injury. We are tireless advocates whose work ethic is unmatched.

While fellow lawyers and peer law firms have used every form of advertising, from the Yellow Pages to the Internet, we have built a client base thorough our skills and success. A convenient location and prominent sign have not hurt our efforts either.

Hayes Law Office is across the street from the courthouse in Muskogee. Some would say that clients who walk out of court angry and frustrated see our sign and walk across the street to get help. Whether there is truth to that rumor, we are more than happy to help all clients who come to us.

To schedule an initial consultation, fill out our intake form or call 918-681-0529.