Insurance Defense
Family Law
Divorce combines emotional elements with legal complexities, making key decision-making challenging. A skilled attorney can help to put personal issues aside and move the process forward.
Criminal Defense
Whether you have been pulled over, under investigation or arrested for a crime, you need legal representation. Protect your rights — specifically your right to remain silent — and let an attorney speak for you.
Personal Injury
Insurance companies are not on your side following an accident. You deserve compensation that reflects the true extent of the losses you suffered.

Family-Oriented. Family-Owned.

Setting The Bar For Professional Standards In A Law Firm

Other firms may claim to be family law firms, but family truly is the foundation of Hayes Law Office. Dwight “D.D.,” Marcy and their son Andy are all lifetime residents of Muskogee.

For more than 40 years, our Oklahoma law firm has been a prominent destination for area residents seeking resolution to complicated legal matters.

We live in the community. We work in the community. We are committed to the community.


A Foundation Of Trust, Sound Ethics And High Professional Standards

For our lawyers, earning a reputation for honesty and ethical handling of cases did not occur overnight. It took years of working with clients, backing up our promises and focusing on their best interests.

The reputation our attorneys have developed over the past several decades makes our office a common destination for those injured in a serious car accident or facing the end of their marriage.

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Personalized Legal Services. Flexible Hours.

After weeks or months of putting up with an intolerable living situation, you make the call to our firm. You’ll be surprised to hear a live voice answer the phone. Even if you reach our voice mail, calls are returned quickly. If we agree to meet, we can have your initial consultation in the office or at an off-site location of your choosing.

To schedule an initial consultation, fill out our intake form or call 918-681-0529.